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New York State Police Recruitment Center

Training Information

Improve your sit up

Improve your push-up

Training: Cardiovascular Program

This starter program is based on recommendations from the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research. You may adjust the distance, time and frequency to your own needs and fitness level.

Week Activity Distance (Miles) Time Goal (Minutes) Frequency per Week
1 walk 2.0 32:00 3
2 walk 3.0 48:00 3
3 walk/jog 2.0 26:00 4
4 walk/jog 2.0 24:00 4
5 jog 2. 22:00 4
6 jog 2.0 20:00 4
7 jog 2.5 25:00 4
8 jog 2.5 23:00 4
9 jog 3.0 30:00 4
10 jog 3.0 27:00 4

Training: Dynamic Strength Program

This is a beginner level program. You may adjust the increase in repetitions per week to your own needs and fitness level.

Step Week Activity
1 Self Test
  • Determine the number of sit-ups (repetitions) you can perform in one minute.
  • Determine the maximum number of push-ups (repetitions) you can perform in one continuous effort.
2 1 Do 2 sets at 1/2 the number of the sit-ups and push-ups you performed in your self tests.
3 2 & 3 Do 3 sets at 1/2 the number of sit-ups and push-ups you performed in your self tests.
4 4+ Continue to do 3 sets. Add 1 to 2 repetitions per week to each exercise.

Training: Stretching and Flexibility


Before doing any exercises or stretching, it is important to elevate your body temperature to avoid injury. Warm-up by walking and/or jogging slowly. Perform a warm-up set(s) of the exercise you are about to do by completing a few repetitions and then resting for a short period.

Stretching Basics

If you have had any recent surgery, muscle or joint problems, consult your personal health care professional before starting a stretching or exercise program.

Easy Stretch

The easy stretch reduces tightness and prepares muscle tissues for the developmental stretch.

Developmental Stretch

The developmental stretch is performed after holding the easy stretch and moving a fraction of an inch further into the stretch or until you feel mild tension again. The developmental stretch reduces tension and over time will safely increase flexibility.

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