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New York State Police Recruitment Center


Sample Schedule

Troopers on the road primarily work a 12 hour tour. Typically the shifts are from 7am to 7pm and vice versa. There are flex (staggered) shifts in which troopers may work from 12pm until 12am or 3pm until 3am. The schedule follows a two week pattern and is illustrated in the diagram. A schedule is 28 days in length and during such, a trooper will work 14 days and have 14 days off. As you can see this allows for a '3 day weekend' (Friday, Saturday, Sunday off) every other week. Troopers work 168 hours per schedule.

Troopers occasionally have to work on a scheduled day off for a variety of reasons, including appearances in court and can earn overtime as a result. Troopers receive holiday pay which is included in the base salary and as such are not given special consideration for holidays. Troopers are expected to work their scheduled shift even when it falls on a holiday.

New Troopers receive 120 hours of vacation and 24 hours of paid personal leave annually, accumulating up to a maximum of 224 hours of vacation and 40 hours of personal leave, depending on length of service. Paid sick leave accumulates at the rate of 104 hours per year.

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