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New York State Police Recruitment Center

First Recruit Class - 1917

SP Academy Building


The New York State Police has a long tradition of providing outstanding training to men and women in the law enforcement profession. The Academy's motto "Excellence through Knowledge" is more than just a phrase for the New York State Police - it is the essence of a doctrine that has prevailed since 1917.

The Academy services approximately 14,000 persons a year. While many of these are troopers, including recruits learning the basics and veteran sworn members receiving specialized in-service training, several thousand others come from other segments of the criminal justice community.

In addition to training State Police personnel, the Academy provides instruction in areas of criminal investigation, forensics and other topical issues to members of other police departments and outside agencies who routinely look to the State Police for assistance.

The Academy continues to be a point of interest for visitors to the area, as well as criminal justice students from various area schools.

Recruit receives directions from an instructor. recruit receives direction from two instructors.
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